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How to measure adult bike size

Adult bike size is measured on both height and inseam size. Inseam size is often regarded as more accurate measurement, however, it is useful to measure both and compare to receive the best fitting bike. 

How to measure children bike size

Ensuring the right bike size for a child is essential. Not only does it provide comfort, but it also improves the safety of the bike itself. How exactly do you measure a children’s bike size you ask? 

If possible, it is recommended to bring them into a local store and simply let them try out a variety of different bikes. This will allow them to get a feel for what is right, comfortable and safe. With hands-on experts, the process is a lot easier, allowing the safety of your child to be put first.

If however, purchasing a bike online, it is recommended to measure the height of your child beforehand. Unlike adult bike sizing done by frame, children’s bike size is done based on wheel diameter. 

This, therefore, means measuring the height of the child and matching it to the correct wheel diameter to ensure a perfect and safe fit, allowing you to rest easy. Be sure to invest in a quality helmet to go with the new bike, with an extensive range available you will be certain to find one which appeals to them.

A good bike fit is the difference between discomfort, pain, and injuries, or having a blast on your new ride. Trying out all the different sizes and options is not always an option and certainly impractical.

When in doubt, feel free to call!
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